Of Words and Spaces

It’s kind of interesting when you think about it. The same set of words can achieve two goals. Think about a regular tome or an audio talk – it can be a spiritual tome (like the bhagavad gita or the bible) or a good story book (a PG Wodehouse if you will!) – or anything at all!

  • If you concentrate on the words and the meaning, you understand a grand philosophy or gain a wonderful story. You indeed understand the world around you better.
  • If you dwell in the spaces between the words and the paragraphs – just take a few minutes savouring them in their entirety – you will experience a different welling up of emotions within.

This is why the revered books of old were aphorisms – short and designed to be ornaments around a garland of silence (and not the other way around). They were intended to be read at random, to encourage random detours – and every visit would bring in new experiences – not from the level of the author – but based on the level of the reader.

Its worth trying both – when we read some stuff and learn – we can watch your confidence grow.You recieve some of the author’s knowledge with every reading.

And when we decide to focus more on the spaces – we discover a new sense of meaning – “often something not even intended by the authors and often something new about ourselves”. Try it!

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