Questions on an idle day

I just dont get “everyday” design! Have you ever wondered why:

  1. AC remotes, laptop keyboards etc. require you to switch the back-light on. Shouldn’t they figure out its dark and just switch themselves on?
  1. Why does my ATM ask me for my preference of language every single time? Doesn’t my bank have enough data on me by now to understand how I process my transactions? Maybe it should even hand out a chocolate or two when it sees me next?
  1. Why does my car not have the ability to move (slide) sideways? If it did, parallel parking would become a breeze (and so many more folks would get their licenses easily!). Over 50 years of automobile innovation surely this should have been possible?
  1. Why security-personnel check the chassis and the boot but not the seats when we enter workplaces, hotels and so on? Is there an unwritten rule among the bad guys that they cant stash their bad stuff on or below the seats?
  1. What purpose do surrogate advertisements really serve? Are there really people who believe Smirnoff sodas are awesome?
  1. Why do sedan cars not have a rear wiper while hatchbacks do?
  1. Highways aren’t high. Down towns aren’t down. How do they name these things?

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