Apple explores newer horizons

It was “apple week” last week. Some loved the event, some hated it – no matter which way you swung though – it was one of the most talked about event in technology news ever since of course – last month’s iPhone 5S and 5C launch!

The events (and the products!) got me thinking – was something big happening out here? Is it just me or did Apple just unleash new categories with its launches? Consider:

The iPhone 5s launch repositions the phone as a “fashion statement”, essentially a new category for phones – while its 5c variant battles on the technology/ innovation plank with samsung and the other boys.

And doesn’t Apple’s hiring Angela Ahrendts (CEO of Burburry) reinforce this intent – here’s a good Forbes article arguing for it?

And how about the iPAD Air? Its not really a conventional tablet, its not a net book, its not a laptop nor a phone. So who is its competition – again no one – allowing it to charge that big premium – while the older gen iPAD and iPad minis continues to slug it with the samsung tabs of the world.

So while the competitors seem more focussed on the cheaper, faster, better (think chromecast/ htc one/ samsung tab etc.) planks – apple seems to be going for “lifestyle” – a new dimension for the industry itself. And that I think its cool.

Just wait a minute though. Samsung did a category definition with its note 2 (the “phablet” with the “s pen” right?). And with its new samsung gear+ note 3 combo?

Perhaps yes, but I think these are still products on the technology/ innovation plank focussing on faster/better/ cheaper – the note essentially did what the phone and the tablet could do and the gear is essentially an extension of the note 3 (a more versatile accessory than the stylus, its newer avatars of course may be a whole new story taking the fight into the nike fuelband category!!). Apple on the other hand seems to be going a whole new route – the closest analogy I can think of is the time when watches started appearing in jewellery shops as luxury goods. Thoughts?

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