Is wisdom a function of doing?

Just as I predicted, the week zoomed past. Meetings, travels, emails, the odd television show – and I am a week older. The question I thought I’d ask this week – am I wiser though?

Thinking about it, it appears to me that wisdom comes knocking when you are smart about “what to leave alone” – even more than what you have done. Take this last week – if I were to list my progress – I’d probably list these:

– facilitated a workshop – and to good response
– a couple of customer meets – again good feedback
– reviewed a few responses which sat well with the customer
– Successfully got a leader to join us
– and so on…

and on the flip side

– attended a couple of meets I wasn’t really prepared enough for/ was more ritualistic
– missed a couple of deadlines – and resolved to be more timely in the future (not that there was any catastrophe)
– just couldn’t keep my working hours to the slim ones I had planned to adhere to, they were all long days!

Now on the whole, its been a very busy week and in terms of progress a good one too. The question though is whether progress has resulted in wisdom – am I likely to bring in a whole new set of perspectives this week that I couldn’t have last week?

On reflection, the answer seems to be mostly in the negative (though some experience has been gained over the week of course..)

So, lets take the other view – what could I have left alone?

1. The customer meets and the workshop – maybe I could have given them a miss. There are several folks who can do as good a job (if not better!) saving at least 6 hours
2. Getting a leader to join in – thats important – the meet helped discuss shared values and such – will be invaluable over time
3. The travel – I could have left alone, why not work from home for a few? A back of the napkin calculation indicates I spend 1.5 to 2 working days equivalent travelling every week!
4.The reviews are in the “teaching fishing” as opposed to “gifting fishes” approach. So very worthwhile I’d think. On the other hand, getting some others interested in doing the review would be even more better – its “teaching fishing” at a whole new level!

and so on………. A quick math tells me that at the least 30-50% of stuff could have been left alone. As for the “stuff that didn’t go too well” – again many of those needn’t have been on the list in the first place. And suddenly you find there’s time for stuff you wanted to do always but never had time for – a hobby, exercising, meditation, spending time with family…

So thats the takeaway for the week. “Your time is a function of what you can leave alone and the saved time and effort can be used to help us get wiser – where wisdom can be considered as anything that enhances “you” (read body, mind, soul). You agree?

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