A productive day at the store…

This weekend I decided I would leg it to my favourite bookstore again and boy was it a nice decision. The were in sale mode and had stocked their aisles with some brilliant books – stuff you normally wouldn’t get to see – and at mouth watering prices at that. I dont know why – but i always find that the “sales” bring out the best books – its almost as if the bookseller (and dvd seller) had hidden away his jewels and is now putting them on sale only because he has no choice!

For starters I came across a manga on the current Dalai Lama – quirky, compassionate and typical manga stuff. Its probably the best way to know his Holiness up and close.

I also found Lynne Truss’ “talk to the hand” – a delightful rant against the rudeness prevailing today. It was available for just a song.

Ben Okri’s magical “Tales of freedom” beckoned from one of the corners – you dont pick books like these, they pick you.

At this point, I observed that all the movies were on sale too so sauntered over – and what a wonderful decision that was.

A Charlie Chaplin two-dvd set was available – you get to see the master parade his wonderful movies. On reaching home, “Its a dogs life” went straight into my DVD player – and I got to laugh and sympathise with the wonderful “little fellow” all over again. Endearing stuff.

Micael Palin’s pacific adventures, Hatari, Rainman, To sir with love – classic stuff all of them – all are now part of my collection. Yes, I am beaming.

What a wonderful evening its been, probably the best way to wish the summer adios….and usher in the spring!

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