As I settle myself into a cozy living room sofa and switch on the entertainment system, a curious thought strikes me – what I am experiencing today is 3 generations of technology – consider:

– the furniture has more or less remained the same (yes I know different materials and styles are in vogue today but the underlying substratum is much the same). Made from natural material (teak in this case), it has survived in form and concept for so very long

– The tv and the radio are an improvement from our father’s generation. Its a credit that the concept of the tv (and the radio) has lived across generations (the form of course is different – the smart tvs (and internet radios) of today are very different from their monochromatic, bulky ancestors

– The ipad and the note 2 are strictly one generation (or actually a part of a generation) old. They weren’t here a decade ago and in their present form/ concept aren’t likely to be with us the next decade. Wearables for instance are catching up quickly – and in a world where you can enter and experience myriad worlds with just your glasses, they probably would take over duty from these devices which look so indispensable today!

Interesting when you think about it – and perhaps worth some exploration about this movement of the ages and the things we value over time. An equally interesting detour is to look at what has similarly evolved in our lives – take for instance:

values – they have not really changed over many, many generations. Shiva, Christ and Buddha continue to guide us (many times through the medium of our elders and teachers) on what to value in life and how to evolve. Values like integrity, honesty, compassion etc. aren’t going out of fashion anytime soon!

Society norms are often a generation or two old. Smoking was considered cool (even medicinal!) a hundred years ago – its strictly a no, no today in most public places. Slavery, gender inequality, racism and many such isms are no longer considered acceptable (thankfully!). Of course other “isms” have crept in which will go out of vogue in the next generation as people become wiser too!

Our jobs, workplaces and vocations are all probably part-generational. Twenty years back – “IT as a career” meant something very different from what it is today and I am sure twenty years from now it will be again very, very different. Computer (immersive) games fall in this category as well. Probably our work timings, work places, the things we read, the heroes we look upto will change to – who would have thought even a decade ago nerds’ stories would capture mainstream imagination in such a big way – remember the block buster movie (the social network) and a tome of a biography (steve jobs)?

Here’s a thought that lingers.

If the above were true, would we want to reconsider how we spend our time?

Would we want to spend more time (and emotion) on stuff that lasts a few years, a couple of generations or through the ages?

Or can we integrate it somehow that what we do today aligns to what sustains through the ages?

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