Which “Hero” are you?

Here’s today’s revelation – Everyone wants to be a hero. Everyone.

Some of us want to be “happy achievers”. Some of us prefer to be “endurance heroes”.

Happy achievers look to follow optimistic paths – Robin Sharma’s 50 new rules of work are all the motivation they need to lead our lives.

Endurance heroes believe their life sucks, and their heroism comes out of being able to endure the suffering. To become bigger heroes, they need more trying circumstances – and life humours them by becoming one big worry to endure.

I guess we have a choice to make – and the choice we make defines who we are and the friends we make. Ultimately both are but stories we tell ourselves – the question is whether we’d prefer to star in an adventure-filled-comedy or an award-winning-melodrama!

Time for each of us to take our introspection lens and ask ourselves: Which hero am I? And is this what I want to be?


  1. Very nice one, Subra … instead of telling which path to go, explaining both and leaving it to the reader to decide is a nice and subtle way of passing the message …

    1. glad you liked this Vijay…honestly, I don’t know if one path is better than the other – the optimistic path makes it look better is all – no?!

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