Everything seems to come in multiple hues these days – and it is left to us to make meaning out of what we see.

This rather diverting thought came to me while gazing at the landscape over a long drive. Take green for instance, what comes to your mind?


You know what I am talking about – grow more plants, burn lesser fossil fuels, walk more, save the planet (or is it save the whales..) – that kind of stuff. Does green bring this to your mind (with a bonus of maybe michael jackson and his angst-filled “earth song?”)


Read as “notes of green with presidents’ photos promising to pay the holder dollars”. Do you see the monetary “whats in it for me” in everything? If yes, looks like a good century to live in eh – where we rank people on wealth and have the richest beam on us from magazine covers?

The monstor green: Yep, we are talking about jealousy eloquently paraphrased by the bard as “the green eyed monster”. Where we coveted the green bucks for ourself in the earlier one, we look askance at someone else who has seemingly achieved what we covet in this case! This monster is ferocious – lets hope he visits us less or not at all!

Enough of musing for one day.  You may want to notice something about the above catagories – one is about the sense of “me”, another about the sense of “you” and a third about the sense of “we”. The third seems easier somehow huh?!!

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