Two devices – and the story they tell about you…

My blackberry curve finally gave up on me last week and I switched over to a galaxy note2. The swap was uneventful – a quick drive to a nearby shop, some innocous questions (from me) and some good salesmanship (and I have the device to prove it!).

As I hold the device in my hand and begin to understand its underpinnings, I realize something profound – these two devices actually tell a “generational” story.

The bb curve is a work machine. Its virtuosity is in its ability to bring home the office. And of course its all about efficiency. You need to understand one new button (the track pad), configure two new apps (email and messenger) and you are already up and running at full speed. You can manage up, you can manage down (or for that matter using the calender you can manage yourself) – either way it screams urgency and efficiency. And there’s a blinking red light to make sure you know there’s work waiting for you. This is a hyper- efficient, highly secure digital post office which keeps you in control of your work world.

The note 2 on the other hand is a playground, which you can also take to work. It encourages you first to set the environment (screensavers, widgets and so on) and then goes about identifying every friend you ever knew and asking you if you’d like to have them linked up. Where you had a collegues’ phone number and work email id within easy reach with the bb curve, you are more likely to have the twitter or facebook handle of a friend (who could be a collegue!) on the note. It encourages you to read books, watch movies, take pictures, annotate them and share them with your friends – as I said it encourages you to have fun. And its form factor (brilliant screen and outsize shape!) is likely to see you prefer creation and consumption as opposed to telephony
(unless of course you’ve missed your session at the gym -or are a bluetooth fan).

In closing, the devices are representative of their times. The bb curve appealed to a hard working executive who wanted to stay on top of his work life.The note seems to appeal to a generation which brings their personality (and attitude) to the office – and believes in a social world as opposed to a more hierarchical one.

On which note its perhaps worth taking a look at the device we prefer – and contemplate on what that tells about us?

P.s – this is my first post using  wordpress on the note 2. All disclaimers (bad spelling, grammer etc. apply!!)


  1. Congratulations on your New G-Note2 Subra…. Story telling was very nice and the comparison between BB & Note too good… I can only interpret that working hard is not enough, need to be smart – SMAC… Go for G-Note2 🙂

    1. thx hari – thats an “uber” interpretation! I was only about midshifts – form “work intruding into play” earlier to a trend where we seem to have a “playful approach to work possible” now!

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