A tale of 2 storms…

The last week belonged to sandy and nilam, no matter what Obama/Romney or the congress/ iac say. Sandy hit the east coast of the USA, while its cousin played havoc on the southern coast of India. And here’s what intrigues me – I cannot imagine where they got their names from.

Sandy wasn’t sandy, she was very water-y – as the journalists kept pointing out standing in knee-deep water – I guess to emphasize how water-logged the place was (and no, it was the real thing, not a bath tub).

Her Indian sister Nilam was windy, noisy and scary – but comparing her to a blue sapphire (which is what the wikipedia assures us Nilam means) boggles the imagination. A friend helpfully mentions there’s a species of mango named Nilam too – but then why would we name a storm after a fruit!

Ok we’ll let that go. Perhaps the weathermen had too much vodka the night before, or maybe someone asked the bureaucracy’s spin doctors to name them…

The relief efforts deserved a clap for sure. Removing fallen trees, dispensing food and aid, restoring power and bringing the city back to normalcy was done with express speed in Chennai. And the US is bouncing back with alacrity too – per the papers and the lady on tv (now on more firm ground – and we can’t see the water anymore – or anything for that matter though – perhaps because she’s now emphasizing that we have a power problem!).

The social media played a wonderful role too – sharing information on dos/ donts, location-specific information etc. – i’d think it was a god send for all those who lived through the storm – and allowed their loved ones across the world to stay in touch.

I guess it’s worth saying a special thanks to the efforts of our friends, support infrastructure and administration, media and the technology innovations that have helped get us through the crisis. Spare a prayer, a kind word and a penny or two for those who have been affected adversely by these storms(or whatever these “nature’s fury” acts are called). Don’t forget to have an extra helping of turkey this thanksgiving or a sweet during Deepavali for having made it through.

Anyway, we are back to normalcy now and the politicians can heave a sign of relief and get back to their business. Will it be Obama or Romney?

On the Indian side, we have equally heady affairs to be sorted out. We have an incumbent government that’s being accused of being corrupt and inefficient (so what’s new?), an opposition party being accused of being no better and a people’s movement which is suspected of harboring political ambitions (and hence making selective allegations..). If that doesn’t sound like a Len Deighton whodunit plot, I don’t know what does…

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