Biking – The journey begins

There comes a time in everyone’s life when one wonders if one is exercising enough.

Generally (and if you are like me), the answer comes back pronto – NO!!!

I amble thoughtfully and watch some tv, thrash (metaphorically speaking) a politician or two, read a book – but the thought doesn’t go away.

So I call a few friends and confide in them – only to have them echo the same thought – they too feel they aren’t exercising enough. My glance now goes to the book shelf – where a coach is urging you to “ACT and ACT NOW!” from behind an attractive cover. Besides, from the expression on his face and the cut of his suit, you feel he knows what he’s talking about – and has the bank balance to prove it too.

I look around – the advice appeals to all of us – but what’s the best exercise for us?

“Yoga? The last time I tried that a doctor had to help me untangle my legs from my head” says friend 1

“Basketball? At your height the basket (and the ball) are always going to be out of reach” says friend 2

“Horse racing? All the horses have accompanied the punters to Srilanka for the T20 worldcup, so no dice!”says Friend1

“Soccer (or un-american football!)? If you cant swear in spanish, you’re a dead man!” says friend2(or should it noe be ex-friend2 after that last comment of his!)

So what do we have left? BIKING we say unanimously. We’ve all done it before – me in my distant school days, another during his early worklife and a third when he was a baby. We huddle and agree – cycling its going to be.
Now that we have an agreement, I pull out a Lance Armstrong poster and replace the self help guru’s book with Lance’s “Every second counts”. Is it just me or is our man in the smart suit and the attractive cover scowling now?

“But didn’t he (Lance not the self help guru) dope?” asks a concerned neightbour.

“Nope its not proved yet” I answer. “Besides if something can help you beat cancer, help you cycle a thousand mountain and snow miles year after year and provide you with enough energy to run a foundation as well – I don’t think it should be called a drug, it should be called a miracle tonic!”. On which smart repartee, I proceed to the bicycle shop to see whats on offer.

Part 2 – adventures in the bicycle shop would follow shortly….stay tuned (please!)

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