An independence day adventure at Sahaj Marg

I got a chance to attend one of the SahajMarg festivals – an independence day bhandara in their parlance. For those who don’t know, Sahaj Marg is an unique community which serves to awaken people through their system of raja yoga mediation. An experimental blog on some random thoughts and reflections from my experience…

Observances -1

Thousands of people came together all seeking a moment of aloneness with god

They travelled for thousands of miles only to be still

The master spoke words that led them to silence

The madness of the world outside couldn’t deter them from realizing heaven inside

Volunteers, devotees, leaders – all helping, participating, serving a bigger cause of realizing interconnectedness, interdependence, independence

Reflections – 1

Is it faith that moves them?

Or the positive experiences they have had so far?

Can you be lonely amidst crowds, and fulfilled when alone

If your goal is to be here, now and established within yourself – where can you go, when and with whom?

.. a song for them……..the earth revolves, the devotee resolves, his mind evolves, and thoughts dissolve…..and god’s involved? (poetry over!)


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