Another meditation on the source of all things..

Sometimes, a man just wakes up and puts his pen on paper (or his fingers on a computer these days) and starts writing. He has no goal and definitely no expectation of a reward – be it monetary, fame or power. Many a time, he doesn’t even consider himself a writer, and he would be hard pressed to answer from where this urge to write sprung from – indeed he would say the writing just happened as opposed to him being the writer. And when this happens – we may witness the outpouring of some pristine prose. This emergent prose belongs not to the author. Indeed, it does not belong to this world. It comes from within, from a space that is far deeper and is called variedly by many names including “benediction”, “presence” and “god”.

Those who witness the beauty of such prose forget themselves for a minute. They are enthralled and for that brief minute transformed into a connoisseur of life. A glimpse is often enough to send a man in search of his destiny attempting to savour more of this delectable experience. Such fortunate men and women can be recognized by their “ illumination and joyous” countenance – though they may be clad in the robe of a business man, fashioned as an artist or bathed in saffron like the renunciant.

Sometimes, the “specialness” of such prose is not in its structure but in its “timeliness”. It may not read well, and it may not engage the mind. However for the person who needs it, its message strikes home – it is just what the “doctor above” has ordered to restore the physical, emotional and spiritual health of his beloved child on earth.

Occasionally, it’ comes not as the written word but as a compassionate word spoken to a friend in need. Many a time, the benevolence is more subtle than a word –  it takes the form of a thought for a loved one. It can also manifest in other forms – in the guise of a shoulder we can lean on or a stranger strangely sensitive to our needs. When we are part of such a phenomenon, it is good to recognize it for what it is – we have witnessed not an addition to the burgeoning world of transactions, but have had a glimpse into what makes a man human.

Some forms of course are always bewitching – even the basest man cannot afford to be not moved by this. Think of a star filled sky, the immensity and the blueness of the ocean, the attractiveness of an infant, the affability of a very elderly person and the absolute stillness of the monk. In these, you can always find solace and maybe if you look deeply enough even answers to existential questions.  

Let’s take the moment to say a prayer and a few words of gratitude –for the people, the things and the experiences that have been part of our journey. The spirit of the gayatri mantra (which came forth through sage vishwamitra – an exceptional seer who is revered for his wisdom and “never give up” attitude) which beseeches the sun to illuminate the world and uplift it to a godly state of effulgence is an appropriate one to remember at this time.

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