A meditation on sharing in the digital world……


Sharing was the stronghold of the “virtuous”, and not so long ago at that. The generous shared, the misers didn’t.

Today sharing has moved from the virtuous to the famous. The more you share, the more is your popularity (or reputation) index. Fame rather than morality is sharing’s aim.

What you share today often defines who you are. Your “identity = your shared self”.

And yet – there are a few who don’t share – and “the very act of not sharing gives them their identity”. Who can forget J D Salinger’s(author of the “The catcher in the rye”) reclusiveness? Or Michael Lewisfor that matter (hint no tweeting, perhaps no email too?)

It does takes all types to make the world…

Share or create?

Sharing isn’t creation. Creation is a more involved and skilled endeavor than sharing typically is. But that doesn’t make it any less wanted – together they compliment each other very well indeed.

To share, we need a good message (worthy of sharing), a medium (through which it can be shared) and an audience with who to share. The few creators can create, and the majority can share – it’s a win-win situation. And over time hopefully some of the sharers will turn creators and the creators will take to sharing some of their colleagues’ best works. The spiral would then continue – and better itself.

So what?

The digital world seems to invite us with its own set of motivations and rewards. And what we share and create are what we will be known by – and will continue to be what we continue to draw toward us ever more.

In such a cyclic world, maybe it’s worth pondering:

– what does the digital world know me for? Is that what I want to be known for?

– reclusiveness and passivity define identity too – given this, which are the areas I should participate in? Which ones would I be better off passing over?

– should I create or should I share? Is this blog worth the effort, or should I have found an existing blog with the same message and reblogged it instead?

Does the digital world feed my mind (emotions) or thought (intellect). Do I want to feel wise, good or intelligent – and do I realize that they are all not the same?..

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