Decoding Success

Delivered  a 40 mt talk on decoding success at the Knowledge Community, Chennai. Focussed on three major themes:

1.  Accepting the world is interconnected – and illustrated this with a railway ticket booking example!

2. Being mindful of the world around us is paramount to our success. Watch out for externalities (including 100 USD burgers!) and technology disruptions (like skype) which may render your job unsustainable/ obselete

3. Focus on the whole thing – like the buddha advices us to see the miracle in the flower blossom

Along the way, touched upon some insights from leaders, how designis driving success today and so on.

Do take a look at; and click on Decoding Success (28th edition). There are quite a few other videos too and KCC videos are awesome – so do have some fun watching…

Some links you may like to follow through on:

The $100 burger (and there’s a more enlightening one on the $200 burger too!)

Bill Gates in the gates Foundation Annual Letter

On Christian fabre (the saint and the fashion ceo!)  –

and finally – a wonderful non-traditional commentary to the Heart Sutra (with several read in between the lines stuff!) reviewed at amazon and on this very site..


  1. Thanks for Sharing the link to

    The following are Keypoints discussed in the “Decoding Success” :-

    1. Interconnectedness
    2. Right Circles
    3. Mindfulness

    If you follow the above 3 points on your call, you can easily achieve in Success in everything.

    1. sure rich, the attached link has the video itself. Broadly, the theme is that we find answers for success in the past – where aspects like mindfulness help us succeed in an inter-dependent world like ours today

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